An article in a fishkeeping magazine dated January 1951 called for interested parties to join the recently formed Isle of Wight Aquarists’ Society. One can deduce from this that the Society was formed late in 1950. Since this time the fortunes of the society have ebbed and flowed through the years.

The object of the Society, as laid down in its constitution, is to ‘promote and further the knowledge of aquatic life.’ The Society has certainly followed this precept in its more than half a century of existence.

The key, however, to the Society’s continuing success and, indeed, to its future good fortune, lies in its ability to successfully marry aquatic interest with an enjoyable and friendly social calendar.

The Island Fishkeepers Club is affiliated both to the FBAS (Federation of British Aquatic Societies) and to ASAS (Association of Southern Aquarists Societies). Within its ranks, Island Fishkeepers currently boasts both the Chairman and Secretary of the FBAS and the Treasurer, Secretary and the Show Secretary of ASAS.

We are also proud to have among our ranks, two serving FBAS judges including the Chairman of the FBAS Judges and Standards Committee.

Every year around September/October, Isle of Wight Society members travel to a club in London called SPASS (South Park Aquatic Study Society) for an inter-club show. A long history of association and close friendship has developed between these two societies and the friendly rivalry generated by the actual fish show usually takes second place to the full enjoyment of the social side of the gathering and the resumption of old acquaintances.

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